For complicated and specialized medical care, oftentimes you want a professional to handle the task for you or assist a loved one such as medical appointments, home dialysis, or even after a major operation.  Our elite team of registered nursing specialists will assist the elderly or special needs patient, to plan together with the individual or family the best options available for the health, safety, and quality of life of the patient.

What are the services for Concierge Case Management?

  • Medical appointments  

One of our licensed nurses or designated staff members will manage all your medical appointments and reminders.  We can also have one of our licensed healthcare professionals (registered nurse or licensed practical nurse) assist with and attend medical appointments together with the patient.

  • Nursing care 

We will assign our medical staff to visit the patient on a schedule of your choosing.

  1. Intermittent: one of our healthcare professionals provides scheduled check-ins or short-interval visits to your home.
  2. Hourly:  our caregivers are scheduled for longer shifts anywhere from 4, 8, 12 even 24-hour shifts (multiple caregivers)  
  • Ancillary care 

Assistance and/or training of medical equipment e.g.: home dialysis. 

  • Medical travel arrangements 

Are you going somewhere and need things arranged at your destination? Our medical staff can prepare prescriptions, medical equipment, home dialysis machines, and more, for the patient and even accompany you to assist with all your medical and healthcare requirements.  

  • Pre-operation and Post-operation assistance 

We provide caregivers to assist you and the patient before or after surgery.

  • Special Case Management

We have a team of medical home care experts that can assess and recommend the right care plan for the patient.  We will do a 1:1 consultation and customize your care plan according to your needs and budget.


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